What we can do and why?

Business Affairs & Royalty Accounting

As an ex-aspiring accountant, experienced gained at EMI provided a platform into the areas of Overseas Royalty Accounting, Contracts and Business Affairs.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Quite possibly a niche market, but providing there is demand for ‘finished goods’ (whether CD or vinyl) previous positions at Chrysalis, China and Ministry of Sound have enabled a full and comprehensive understanding of how to make and how to move your precious cargo.

TV Marketing

Previously Head of A&R at one of the UK’s most successful independent TV Marketing record labels or architect of Ministry of Sound’s initial foray into the world of TV marketing we have worked with Universal Music TV, EMI TV, Orb TV, Channel 4 Music TV, DMG TV amongst others. If it’s got ‘TV’ in the name we have probably worked with them at some stage.

Catalogue Management

Efficient Catalogue management provides the backbone of your secondary income and provides a platform to showcase your copyrights to their full potential. Whether from inception (Spectrum for Universal, Crimson Productions for DMG, Cincuenta Musica), or a re-branding exercise (MCA Masters) we have always successfully delivered a range of high quality titles on time and on budget.

Our tried and tested principles work for catalogues of any size, from major labels to individual artists who have retained their rights. There is nothing too large or too small that we unable to handle.


With a proven track record at Universal, EMI, DMG, Telstar and Orb TV there have been very few concepts that have escaped our attention. Whether a full price TV marketed release or a budget collection we have the ability to think outside the box, tap in to the mainstream and deliver a successful release maximising your catalogues' potential.

From the formation and naming/positioning of your brand or label as your introduction to the marketplace, to a partnership with an alternative consumer product by synchronising your music to an advertising campaign establishing a new audience for your creative work, Resolution has recognised, proposed, planned and instigated these types of releases to great effect since 1999 and continue to do so.