Digital Distribution

What is digital distribution?

Just think of it as the burgeoning route to market for your recorded musical copyrights.

A digital aggregator is the successor to the physical distributor of old by populating digital platforms with your intellectual property, in the way that physical distributors would (and to a lesser degree still do) place your product into high street retail outlets. There are now as many as 300 platforms available in the Global Digital Music market.

At the same time the arduous task of tracking sales and collecting royalties from numerous outlets is contained within one service provider.

Digital platforms are emerging almost daily and although the market is still lead by Apple’s iTunes, innovative new services are accessing consumers of music at all levels as social media sites and a plethora of different devices are capable of delivering music content for our consumption.

The digital distribution of music is evolving at a pace and Resolution has been sharing their knowledge of the phenomenon since they became an early supplier to the biggest service provider in 2005.