Mission Statement

The music industry has had to change. Why? Because of the way we now consume music. It has not been a pleasant journey and there have been casualties. There will be more to follow.

There are a plethora of digital delivery platforms available to us, with more and more appearing every day, all trying to tap in to every form of social media that also seem to appear on a daily basis.

Whilst the primary source of income is no longer to extract every penny from the manufacture, distribution and sale of a shiny disc (were we not warned that all that glitters is not gold?), many of the core principles remain the same.

We have, over the many years of living, loving and breathing this industry, experienced every aspect from A&Ring in the studio to the synchronisation deal that delivered a commercial hit more than 50 years after the initial release, and often a failed one at that.

We can identify and understand every stage in between, of which, there are many. Some, admittedly, are less glamorous than others but all are as important as each other.

We won’t go as far as to say that we are myth busters but there is a distinct possibility that we have seen it before and we will probably see it again. It may be a different sound but it will probably adopt the same shape and form.